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Neko cafe

Modeling, Lighting and Rendering. 

This project is inspired by the great concept design by Ella Frehtman. 


Working on this was really fun and kept me engaged. I really enjoyed the process of thinking about details, context and functionality of every element in this asset. 
It reminded me of those exciting times as a kid when I would let my imagination run wild, lose myself in other worlds, and discover something interesting around every corner…

And, since I'm a big cat lover, it's no surprise that I had so much fun with this model! 🐱
All in all, it's been a great ride.

A (big!) thanks to my mentor and friend, Alex Liki. His meticulous insights and discerning eye were the compass guiding me through each phase of this project. Every piece of advice he gave was pure gold. 
Also, thanks to Nicolas De Aquino, who has the gift of adding beauty and refinement to everything he touches.

Maya, ZBrush, Autodesk Arnold.
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