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Image by Sean Sinclair

About me

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My name is Maria Luiza, but you can call me Malu or just Maria

I'm a Brazilian 3D Modeler and Texture Artist living in BC, Canada.

My love for animations and games goes way back. Like any other kid, I grew up surrounded by these stories.

However, it was much later, through the world of graphic design, that I was able to dive into 3D art. Through it, I saw the opportunity to tell and be part of the stories I've always loved... ❤️

My favorite words are: shapes, light/color, details, and contexts. This is where I believe the true magic happens.


My skills are modeling, UV Unwrapping, Retopology, Shading, Texturing, and Lighting. What's more, I'm super communicative, quick to learn, and always adaptable. 

I'm actively seeking opportunities in the animation/gaming industry and am always open to collaborating and connecting. Feel free to reach out!!

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